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Photo of Kawai CA 98 Digital piano Kawai CA 98 **Available to order.** Top quality digital piano with acoustic soundboard In Black; White; Rosewood.
Serial No :- TBC

Location :- Due in

Dimensions :- 92 H x 145 W x 45 D

Price :- £2800

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Photo of Kawai CS8 Digital piano Kawai CS8 High quality black gloss digital piano from Kawai with wooden keys In Gloss black.
Serial No :- to be confirmed in 2 working days

Location :- Due in

Dimensions :- 96 H x 145 W x 47 D

Price :- £2460

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Photo of Casio GP-300 Digital piano Casio GP-300 Casio's top line digital piano with grand piano like action. In black.
Serial No :- 935ADC561002813

Location :- Oxford Workshop

Dimensions :- 97 H x 144 W x 49 D

Price :- £2200

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Photo of Kawai ES 8 Digital piano Kawai ES 8 A high-quality stage piano from Kawai. Separate stand and pedal unit available for a compact home digital piano. In metalic black.
Serial No :- G310170

Location :- Oxford Workshop

Dimensions :- 15 H x 137 W x 37 D

Price :- £1150

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Photo of Casio CDP-130 Digital piano Casio CDP-130 Weighted full size 88 keys keyboard. Great for university dorm practice or stage piano. Sold without stand; single sustain pedal. In BLACK.
Serial No :- 913CDC57L356504

Location :- Oxford Workshop

Dimensions :- 13 H x 133 W x 28 D

Price :- £300

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