SOLD: Bosendorfer 170 1924; 85 notes; reconditioned

A brief video of a piano in stock, a 1924 Bosendorfer grand piano in mahogany. Replaced ivories with synthetic ivory keys.

Due to high demand in black pianos, we would normally re-finish the piano in black polyester, however, we are keeping this one in its current finish to keep the sale price low. Full French polish can also be offered.

When assessing the piano we noted one bass string was replaced, however, the pins are tight and the bass strings endured a pitch raise the piano by 13 beats. Which is very flat for a Bosendorfer, showing that the piano has had little use for a long period of time. An important factor in restoration and valuation. In this case, the hammers were hardly worn.

Recently in stock, it sold quickly at a great price. For our current stock please view this page.

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