Reading music from a tablet

Technology is breaking new ground in music. The BBC reported on the Brussels replacement of manuscript for tablet PC’s. Musicians are starting to see tablets as a viable solution. Jazz musicians may be interested in iReal Book Pro. It holds most jazz standards on the app. iReal Book allows transposition and tempo changes and has good backing samples. For classical musicians offers many out of copyright scores for free. Imagine, many of the most famous composers lived in a time where there was no copyright, people weren’t worried about protecting intellectual property in Bach’s day! That means lots of it is available, you’ve chosen the right genre!

This is a photo of my sight-reading learning I am doing on my tablet PC.

Sight reading in portrait mode

Sight reading in portrait mode

The main free sheet music source at the moment is It’s great being able to go on and instantly access many sight-reading exercises recently.

There are several windows tablet hybrids that let you rotate the screen to portrait mode and annotate your scores with a stylus. The two main ones are the Microsoft Surface and the Lenovo Yoga. I recently purchased the Yoga and have used it to learn sight reading. I have to say, the minimalism of not carrying books around and the instant access of quickly searching for material on my computer that I’ve downloaded form is a blessing.

Sight reading on Lenovo Yoga 13

Red marks added on PDF reader PDF-XChange Viewer

 What are your thoughts? Does a screen strain your eyes too much? Please comment.

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